Sylvester Hofstra

Sylvester Hofstra

After self-study and a work experience placement, I earned my place as a junior front-end developer at Fotofabriek in Groningen. There I build the websites/tools of Fotofabriek, Studentendrukwerk & Drukwerknodig on a daily basis and like to apply the soft skills that I have built up in recent years.

I value working with a modern stack in a creative and open environment, where personal development is encouraged and valued.


Fotofabriek has built a custom CMS in C#. Having converted multiple pages for Fotofabriek, Studentendrukwerk and Drukwerknodig to templates, I have gained a lot of experience in building semantic templates in Razor.


For Studentendrukwerk's CMS implementation, I've implemented a redesign, and this way, I have learned to work with SCSS according to BEM standards. Recently, I've learned to work with Tailwind for both work and this personal website.


The websites I've worked on professionally use a large code base with vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, Vue and React applications. I work with these daily, adding new features and fixing bugs. In my personal time, I develop my TypeScript, React and Next.js skills.


I program in Visual Studio Code, use Git for version control, build my code using Webpack and release it using ftp. At Fotofabriek, I use Azure DevOps to plan tasks and to release features through automatic pipelines.